Discovery platform 2L

CELL-tainer® 2L

The 2L Discovery platform is a versatile tool set that allows multiple formats for your discovery program. The system allows individual pH and dissolved oxygen control for two bags and precise  temperature control for both bags. Any combination of two bags of 1L or 2L may be used or, alternatively a single 4L bag.

A combination of three gases may be used with high-precision mass flow control. The Discovery device is ideal for lab work or scale out of small volume applications.


CELL-tainer® 20L

Due to the unique two dimensional movement and superior mass transfer and mixing properties, the CELL-tainer® can achieve cell growth rates and productivity never seen before in single-use bioreactors, comparable to traditionally stirred bioreactors, but with all the advantages of a single-use bioreactor.

The Cell-tainer is designed for achieving the highest possible process efficiency in one-and-the-same bag.

Celltainer 200L

CELL-tainer® 200L

In cooperation with the Technical University Berlin and DMT GmbH, the renowned CELL-tainer® single-use bioreactor technology is scaled up to working volumes up to 200 Liter.

Due to an innovative expansion system, the starting volume can be 150 mL in a 20L bag, ensuring a complete expansion process in one and the same bag. This results in lower costs (less handling, less bags) and of course a reduction of contamination risk.

Celltainer Biotech

Celltainer Biotech developed a multi-purpose single-use bioreactor, suitable for microbial fermentation as for fragile cells. The CELL-tainer® makes use of a unique 2-dimensional movement principle (patent protected) which ensures high mass transfer at high rocking speeds and gentle mixing at low rocking rates.
This technology, combined with a unique bag design results in high-performance bioprocesses providing a high productivity at low costs for a wide variety of applications.


Celltainer Biotech BV collaborates with both scientific and commercial partners. The scientific partner network ensures a high-level of process understanding and support to our customers. New developments are done in collaboration with clients and our scientific partners.

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