CELL-tainer® 200L

High-Volume single-use bioreactor technology

The CELL-tainer® single-use bioreactor technology, well known at the 20L scale is now available with working volumes of 200 Liters or more.

The single-use CELL-tainer® bioreactors reach kLa values of > 400 h-1, which is 30 times higher than comparable wave or stirred singleuse systems.

The patented two-dimensional rocking movement provides optimal mixing with low shear stress and the bag shape and volume of the 200L system enhances both mixing and mass transfer.

Celltainer 200L

Like the 20L system, the CELL-tainer® 200L can achieve cell growth rates and productivity comparable to traditionally stirred bioreactors, but with all the advantages of single-use technology, such as quicker turnaround time, less contamination risk, operational flexibility and reduced validation requirements. Clean-in-place and sterilization is avoided, thereby generating significant cost savings.

The CELL-tainer® is the ideal single-use bioreactor to achieve the highest possible process efficiency from 25L up to 150 L (microbial) or 200 L (mammalian) working volume without a bag change.

CELL-tainer® 200L biopharmaceutical device

The CELL-tainer® 200L, is unique and is the only  single-use system available for microbial fermentation for working volumes up to 150L.

As the name suggests, our large volume bioreactors are custom built to user specifications. Total volumes up to 500L can be ordered.

The custom-Pro series is specifically designed for:

  • Small scale microbial production
  • Inoculation of large steel bioreactors
  • Plant cell production