Robust and Ready to use

The Utility range provides robust and durable systems to cover a wide range of needs. It is a stand-alone, ready to use system with integrated:

  • temperature control – including cooling;
  • pH and DOT control
  • GMP compliant control software

100mL to 17L in 1 Bag​

The system enables scaling up from 100mL to 17L in working volume in one bag with our unique expansion channel

Bags are configurable and are proposed with pre-mounted pH and DO sensors as well as a a sampling port

Bags are completely emptied at the end of the culture with a tilt function and the tube outlet placement




The CELL-tainer bioreactor system provides:

– accurate, low shear & highly efficient mixing

– high mass transfer rates.

Rocking wave


The single-use bioreactor bag is positioned in the tray and placed on the rocking platform creating a two-dimensional movement (including a wave like motion) in the culture medium. The rocker angle and frequency can be adjusted to increase or decrease the mixing time and the oxygen transfer rate.


The CELL-tainer control system has two password protected access levels. The access to the local human interface can be blocked by the supervisory software (CELL-tainer DACS) allowing the system to be used in compliance with 21 CFR part 11

Easy expansion from seed to finish

The Expansion Channel makes it possible to reduce the minimal working volume to 150mL in an easy and reliable way without infringing sterility in the bag. This feature is ideally suited to expand from seed culture with less handling and lower costs.

A culture can be started and finished in one bag with working volumes starting at 150mL up to completion of the culture at 15L for microbial and up to 25L for cell culture. Easy expansion is possible up to a maximum working volume of 25L by using a box shaped single-use bag. This saves handling, reduces risk for contamination and saves costs.

Expansion Channel Liquid Levels
Expansion Channel