CELL-tainer® 200L

High-Volume single-use bioreactor technology

In cooperation with the Technical University Berlin and DMT GmbH, the renowned CELL-tainer® single-use bioreactor technology is scaled up to working volumes up to 200 Liter.

Due to an innovative expansion system, the starting volume can be 150 mL in a 20L bag, ensuring a full expansion process in one and the same bag. This results in lower costs (less handling, less bags) and reduction of contamination risk.

The single-use CELL-tainer® bioreactors reach kLa values of > 400 h-1, which is up to 30 times higher than in usual wave mixed and stirred single-use systems.

The CELL-tainer® 200L, for the first time in history, makes available a fully applicable single-use system for microbial fermentation up to 150L working volume.

Like the 20L system, the CELL-tainer® 200L can achieve cell growth rates and productivity comparable to traditionally stirred bioreactors, but with all the advantages of single-use technology, such as quicker turnaround time, contamination risk reduction, operational flexibility, reduced validation requirements, no need for cleaning and sterilization, and significant cost savings.

The CELL-tainer® is the ideal single-use bioreactor to achieve the highest possible process efficiency from 5L up to 150 L (microbial) or 200 L (mammalian) working volume in one-and-the-same bag, designed for:

(small scale) production
Inoculation of large steel bioreactors

Celltainer 200L
CELL-tainer® 200L biopharmaceutical device