CELL-tainer® 20L

Single-use microbial cultures bioreactor

The CELL-tainer® 20L is the ideal single-use bioreactor for microbial cultures. The equipment is suited for cultivation of mammalian cell culture is as well.

Using the removable expansion set a high flexibility in culture volume is possible, thus making the equipment very suited for preculture while saving equipment and bags.

Due to the unique two-dimensional movement and superior mass transfer and mixing properties, the CELL-tainer® can achieve cell growth rates and productivity never seen before in single-use bioreactors, comparable to traditionally stirred bioreactors, but with all the advantages of a single-use bioreactor.

The CELL-tainer® is the ideal single-use bioreactor to achieve the highest possible process efficiency from 250 mL up to 15 L (microbial) or 25 L (mammalian) working volume in one-and-the-same bag, designed for:

  • process development
  • inoculation & pre-culture
  • small scale production

Examples of various cultivations are: E. coli and CHO cells.

The CELL-tainer® bioreactor system provides accurate, low shear mixing and high mass transfer rates. Mixing of cell cultures is essential to create and maintain homogenous circumstances in the bioreactor. The single-use bioreactor bag is positioned in the tray and placed on the rocking platform creating a two-dimensional movement (including a wave like motion) in the culture medium. The rocker angle and frequency can be adjusted to increase or decrease the mixing time and the oxygen transfer rate.  The CELL-tainer® control system has two password protected access levels. The access to the local human interface can be blocked by the supervisory software (CELL-tainer® DACS) {link naar CELL-tainer DACS} allowing the system to be used in compliance with 21 CFR part 11.

The robust design and heavy-duty motor guarantees years of trouble-free operation at extreme low noise levels.

Full specifications can be found in the Manuals.

CELL-tainer 20L bioprocessing