Nico Oosterhuis Celltainer Biotech BV

Dr. Ir. Nico Oosterhuis

Technical Director / Director business development

His experience in the biotech industry now is more than 35 years and includes bioreactor design, process development for biopolymers, vaccine production, cell culture, antibody production, large scale fermentation.

Nico Oosterhuis made many publications in peer reviewed journals and is invited speaker on many conferences.

Nico has been a visiting professor at the Aalborg University in Denmark and the Waterloo University, Canada. He did many guest lectures at several universities.

During the last ten years, Nico was involved in the development of the CELL-tainer products and involved in single-use bioreactors.

The start of Nico’s career was his PhD thesis at the Delft University of Technology on Scale-up of bioreactors.

Peter Neubauer Celltainer Biotech BV

Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer

Scientific Advisor

Peter Neubauer is head of Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), and cofounder and advisor to various companies.

As a microbial physiologist and bioprocess engineer, he is mainly interested int the impact of process parameters on microbial producer strains and the molecular determinants of the cell for robust production systems. For this he applies  process analytical tools (PAT) and mathematical models. He is one of the pioneers in investigating the response of various microorganisms in large-scale bioreactor systems and the development of corresponding scale-down simulators. He has pioneered new technologies such as a sandwich hybridization platform for quantitative detection of mRNAs, two and three-compartment scale-down bioreactors, the EnBase technology, and Senbitô.

Previously, Professor Neubauer was professor for Bioprocess Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland (2000-2008), and head of the Bioproduction group at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (1995-2000), after having completed his postdoctoral studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm, 1993-1995). He obtained a Diploma in Microbiology (1988) and his PhD (1992) at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald.

Stefan Junne Celltainer Biotech BV

Dr. Stefan Junne

Scientific Advisor

Stefan Junne is a chemical engineer by training, he gained experience for more than 10 years in the interdisciplinary field of bioprocess engineering, mainly reactor and microbial process optimization for various target products. Fields of activities are single-use bioreactor technologies, scale-down reactor development and application, process analytical technologies and modelling.